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  1. Amazing, thanks for the guide, looks good! 🙂
  2. Hey man, Thanks for your suggestions, I will take a look at the play button in the launcher. The launcher actually shows if Somnium is online or not. If it says "Welcome to the world of Somnium" the server is online. If it's in red it is offline. Regards, Alex
  3. Alex

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    Hey Martin, You can post any questions related to a problem/bug/glitch in the report a bug section. https://www.somniumos.com/forums/forum/27-report-a-bug/ King regards, Alex
  4. Hey guys, I get alot of questions about donating and the different premium ranks. That's why I've decided to create a topic about all the benefits you get as a premium member. You can become a premium member by buying bonds from the online store or from other players. Once you have claimed the bond you will automaticaly receive your premium rank aswell as some premium coins which can be spent in Party Pete's store (look picture below). I will list the rewards below from claiming premium bonds. You also have to know that all the donated money goes straight into the server to improve. I'm also still adding more benefits for premium ranks, but these are them for now. RS3/OSRS are also accepted as donation, but we do not take any accounts. Please contact me or Blazen if you want to donate virtual currency. Since the rates for both currency aren't really steady, we will discuss it with you before the trade. Claiming bonds rewards: Ranks: Premium member zone preview: Sevi's second consumable store: Super premium island preview: Party pete's premium store: If you have any further questions about donating, benefits or whatever. Feel free to shoot me or our staff members a private message. We will add more premium content soon, but this is it for now, peace and love. ❤️
  5. That's a pretty good suggestion, I'll look into it, thanks!
  6. Alex


    Hey man, welcome and I'm very happy to have you here!
  7. 25/12/2019 Ho ho ho! First off all I want to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy newyear. I hope you all have a good time with your family, eat and drink as much as you can. I'm so excited for 2020, because I know it will be OUR year. Unfortunately I had to postpone the date of the release, due to some bugs we encountered. And I don't want to release something half-done. So the new release date will be 30/01/2020, I hope you guys are still as excited as I am. For now we got alot to show-off, since it's about twenty days ago that I posted a latest updates post, but that didn't mean I stopped working daily on new updates and content. We have a brand new teleporting interface: Gamble against other players: Every player will now receive a daily squeal of fortune spin at midnight: The possible rewards for the squeal of fortune have been redone: Patches and other small updates: Arthur at home can now assign you up to three daily tasks to complete, either choose skilling or pvm tasks, in next update you will get more info about this Fixed private message chat position Edited a few interfaces to match more with the server's theme Changed the background for our website, you can customize the background of the forums by clicking the background image at top Fixed alot of player animations Fixed a huge memory leak which was killing the server Packed alot of sprites so the cache downloads quicker Fixed the cache auto downloader Removed certain unuseful commands Deleted alot of unused classes in the source
  8. Alex

    Who's dat boi?

    Welcome, I'm glad to have you here my friend.
  9. Bronze member: 0 posts Iron member: 5 posts Steel member: 10 posts Mithril member: 25 posts Adamant member: 50 posts Rune member: 100 posts Dragon member: 250 posts Toxic member: 500 posts Insane: 1,000 posts
  10. 06/12/2019 Hey all, Today I'd like to introduce you to our new loyalty point system. You can receive loyalty points by leveling, bossing, voting and buying bonds. You are able to spend your loyalty points in Xuan's loyalty points exchange and buy exclusive player loyalty titles. I have also fixed a few other things and did some minor changes to the home area. Next thing to do on my bucket list is adding a decent gambling system with interface and different game modes. Loyalty title manager: Patches and other small updates: Fixed global chat and public chat mod icon positions You can now jump into the well of gambling to go to the gambling area Talk with Seren at home to spend your voting points and receive more information about voting Fixed alot of player animations Chambers of Xeric have been made more stable Global chat now shows the correct player crowns Added more items to the squeal of fortune Ents will now drop ent twigs which can be spent in Berry's twig exchange Updated the in-game mod crowns to match with the forums Added player names above head Friends/ignores list now have a complete new look to match with our theme
  11. Hey guys, I have created this section because we are in need for staff members. Do you feel like you can mean something more for Somnium? Do you like to support other players and help them out with different issues? Then you are the person we are looking for! Underneath you can use the template which has to be used in order to apply for a staff member function. As soon as we receive the appeal we will contact you and decide if you are the person we are looking for or not. Name: Location: Age: Function: Why do you want to become a staff member? Why would we choose you? Good luck with your apply!
  12. 19/11/2019 Hey guys, I'm so excited to announce you guys that the prestige chest has arrived. You can prestige every single skill to max 10. For each prestige you will receive prestige points, which can be spend at the prestige points reward store. The store contains alot of unique items, such as vampyric weaponry which heals you 1/5 of the damage you deal to your enemy. Prestige chest: Skill prestige interface: Patches and other small updates: Fixed hovering for the game settings button Fixed hovering for report button Global chat is now fully functional (insert / to chat) Fixed smelting bars at premium mining area Barrows minigame is now fully functional, with interface to see the remaining brothers Edited a few stores at the home area Added drop rate bonus to equipment tab Law, astral, nature, death, blood and chaos runes prices have been increased
  13. Hey all, I have created this section because I think it's important that the community also has "a voice". We will be communicating a lot of suggestions and you guys have the final word whether an update is coming to the live game or not. So it's important that you guys think wise before you vote for upcoming updates, because this also affects the game play, economy and much more. I hope you all have a great day ahead.
  14. Welcome everyone, It's a pleasure to say that we finally have our own forums and website. I will keep you all updated through our "Latest updates" section, so keep an eye out. At our website (here) you will see a counter that shows how long it takes before the release of Somnium. We will be hosting some crazy giveaways later on (PayPal credit up to $200, in-game credit, playstation 4 and much more!) I'm looking forward to the release date and to build an amazing server and grow a strong community. - Special thanks to Zamra for setting up our forums and website.
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